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The goal of the Womens' Cartoon Index is to promote and recognize women cartoonists worldwide. All listings are those of professional artists. If you'd like to suggest a site or feature, please email us. As the site grows, we'll highlight current and historical women cartoonists.

Update July 29, 2008:
After being offline for quite a while, this site is back and will be updated as time permits (including many broken links). Feel free to email corrections and changes to [email protected]

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Each book has been hand-selected and is highly recommended. Learn about the history of women cartoonists or learn how to improve your own cartooning or extend your creativity. Check back frequently as we'll be adding more books (especially cartooning books and individual women cartoonist collections). If you have a book recommendation for the bookstore, please email us.

The Index:
Please let me know if any of these links are broken or out of date. Comments are welcome, as always.

Syndicated: Comic Strips
Barry, Lynda - Ernie Pook's Comeek - See her cartoons on Salon!
      Good Lynda Barry Fan Site, Listing of Interviews and other items
Bell-Lundy, Sandra - Between Friends
Brandon, Barbara - Where I'm Coming From
Dewar, Susan - Us and Them and her editorial cartoons
Eliot, Jan - Stone Soup. Books by Jan.
Epstein, Benita - Cartoons and greeting cards. Syndicated feature "Drawing a Crowd".  Email Benita.
Guisewite, Cathy - Cathy. Books by Cathy.
Hollander, Nicole - Sylvia. Her cat's web site (you can buy Sylvia originals here!)
Johnston, Lynn - For Better or For Worse - her United Media site.
Books by Lynn
Larsen, Julie - Syndicated panel: Dinette Set
LeMieux, Kathryn - She's the Friday chic of Six Chix. Article/Interview.  Email Kathryn.
Piro, Stephanie - Fair Game, She's the Saturday chick of Six Chix - her comic strips, plus t-shirts and books.   Email Stephanie.
      Books by Stephanie Piro and Info Page.
Price, Hilary - Rhymes with Orange. Books by Hilary.   Email Hilary.

Editorial Cartoonists
Boileau, Linda - Editorial Cartoons
Bulbul - Panel, Editorial, and magazine cartoons   Email Bulbul.
Dewar, Susan - Editorial Cartoons, also strip "Us and Them"

Hardy, Donna - Editorial and Gag Cartoons   Interview
Herschback, Lisa - Editorial cartoons
Hulme, Etta - Editorial cartoons
Procious, Cindy - Editorial Cartoons   Email Cindy.
Rice, Ingrid - Self-syndicated in over 80 publications   Email Ingrid.
Steier, Elena - Editorial cartoons, Strip Cartoons, Comic Books!
Telnaes, Ann - Pulizer Prize winner 2001 - LA Times Syndicate
Wilkinson, Signe - Editorial cartoons - Pulitzer prize winner!

Comic and Cartoon Books
Abel, Jessica - Comic book, "Artbabe"   Email Jessica.

Arp, Andrice - Hi-Horse Comics.  Email Andrice.
Asquith, Ros - Book artist/author, comic strip: Doris
Barr, Donna - Comic books, t-shirts   Email Donna.
Blake, Anne Catharine - Children's books, illustrations, cartoons.  Email Anne Catharine.
      Books by Anne Catharine Blake.
Camper, Jennifer - SubGURLZ cartoon book
Dame Darcy - Comic book "Meat Cake", actress, musician, enigma
Decker, Ann - Comic Book: Girl Talk, Cartoon feature: Hairstories, and is a comix editor
Dennis, Jeremy - Comics, both in print and online
Doran, Colleen - A Distant Soil comic book.  Email Colleen.
Gloeckner, Phoebe - Comics and books, A Child's Life & Other Stories, Oxygen.com cartoons.  Email Phoebe.
Gregory, Roberta - Bitchy Bitch
Hernandez, Lea - Graphic Novels and Comics   Email Lea.
Horacek, Judy - Panel cartoons, strips, books, t-shirts, cards.   Email Judy.
Karaabdurrahmanoglu, Eda - Turkish cartoonist. Scroll down on her page for illustrations.  Email Eda.
Lage, Daphne - Fantasy comic art   Email Daphne.
Robbins, Trina - Book author and illustrator - Comics history and children's books. Interview.  Email Trina.
Peyton, Deborah - Day to Day - her book and other goodies available on her site. Email Deborah.
Schaal, Mari - Comic book artist and writer - Estrus.   Email Mari.
Silver, Yvette - Panel cartoons and books  Email Yvette.
Slate, Barbara - Comic books & strips- writing, drawing, creation   Email Barbara.
Steier, Elena - Editorial cartoons, Strip Cartoons, Comic Books!

Magazine/Panel Cartoonists
Adams, Dee - Minnie Pauz   Email Dee.
Alberts, AM - Panel cartoons   Email   AM.
Barstow, Donna - Daily Special cartoons, New Yorker cartoons, Creatures, Girl Talk, Television, Important Business and Law Cartoons, .   Email Donna.
Epstein, Benita - Cartoons and greeting cards. Syndicated feature "Drawing a Crowd".  Email Benita.
Farrell, Ann Reinertson - Humorous Illustration   Email Ann.
Machlis, Gail - Quality Time and illustrations
Stokes, Carol - Gag cartoons, strips and illustration - website (currently not working?)  Email Carol.
Warp, Kim - Warp Cartoons - magazine gag cartoons   Email Kim.

Cartoon Illustration: Books/Magazines/Internet
Applegate, Joanne - Cartoon illustration   Email Joanne.
Blundell, Sue - Cartoons and Illustration   Email Sue.
Brown, Brenda - Art, Cartoons & Illustrations for Software, Magazines, Books
Cohen, Judge - Humorous illustration, cartoons, greeting cards
DuVal, Janee - Cartoons, illustration, and design!   Email Janee.
Griffith, Cynthia - Illustration, Comics and Ed Belfour & Talon cartoons
Holden, Caroline - Single gags/strips, feature, book, and children's book illustration
Katauskas, Fiona - Cartoons and Illustrations
Machlis, Gail - Quality Time and illustrations
Martini, Angela - Spacegirl web site - illustration   Email Angela.
Romoser, Helga - Comics and illustration   Email Helga.
StrÝm, Kellie - Cartoons and illustration   Email Kellie.
Timmons, Bonnie - Illustration, Ghost cartoonist for the TV show "Caroline in the City"
Tripp, Christine - Cartoons and illustrations!   Email Christine.

Unsyndicated: Comic Strips & Online Comics
Barshaw, Ruth - Comic strips and greeting cards; Planets Collide strip
Bechdel, Alison - Dykes to Watch Out For
Braddock, Paige - Jane's World, her Jane's World website. Email Paige.
Eriksson, Camilla - Cartoon strips   Email Camilla.
Garwood, Allison - Big Al Cartoons and illustrations   Email Big Al.
Gringas, Louise - Ginger comics, Editorial cartoons, panels and strips. Email Louise.
Henley, Marian - Maxine!   Email Marian.
Horacek, Judy - Panel cartoons, strips, books, t-shirts, cards.   Email Judy.
Kaltofen, Karin - Off the Beaten Path
Lay, Carol - Story Minute - Here's her home web site.   Email Carol.
Lopez, Jennifer - Biztoons comic strip.  Email Jen.
Paley, Nina - Nina's Adventures, Fluff, animation.
      Article from Apple Computer
Quinn, Meaghan - Eat the Roses web manga comic.   Email Meaghan.
Reed, Robin - Single panel cartoons    Email Robin.
Shaskan, Kathy - Blossom Fuller   Email Kathy.
Sigwart, Julie - Geeks cartoons, animations, illustrations  Email Julie.
Simpson, Carol - Cartoons about the workplace   Email Carol.
Tempest, Annie - Comic strip "Tottering by Gently" and cartoon book collections
Thorne, Cathy - Self-syndicted panel "Everyday People"  Email Cathy.

Greeting Card Cartoonists
Cohen, Judge - Humorous illustration, cartoons, greeting cards
Epstein, Benita - Cartoons and greeting cards   Email Benita.
Gibbons, Anne - Cartoons, illustrations, and greeting cards
Tripp, Christine - Cartoons and illustrations!   Email Christine.
 Totire, V.L. - Cartoon and illustrated greeting cards & more.  Email Valerie.

Missing In Action
Old outdated links... If you know if any of the cartoonists below have a new website, please email me.

Urbanovic, Jackie & Michell Massman - Maggie Inc. women's entrepreneur cartoon feature

Woman Cartoonist Interviews on the Web
Brenda Starr: Bios of June Brigman and Mary Schmich
Roz Chast: Bio on the Cartoon Bank
Liza Donnelly: Bio on the Cartoon Bank
Hogan's Alley: Biography of Flannery O'Connor
Hilary Price: Biography from Stanford Alumni Web Site
Hilary Price: Boston Globe: Tooned into 20-somethings
Donna Barr - Interview in Sequential Tart
Lea Hernandez - Interview in Sequential Tart

Articles about Women Cartoonists and Issues
July 1999: 'TOONING-IN TO WOMEN Cartoonists Share Their Favorite Creations
May 7, 1999: Women's Panel Transcript from the National Cartoonists Society Reuben Weekend
Winter 1999 AAEC Notebook: Exile in Guyville: Signe Wilkinson on Khaki and Caa-Caa

Cartooning Organizations and Resources
National Cartoonists Society: National non-profit organization for professional cartoonists
Friends of Lulu: National non-profit organization promoting women's readership and participation in the comic book industry
PlanetCartoonist: Bob Staake's comprehensive site for all things cartoon: message board, freelance market, chat, promotion resources and ideas, and more.
Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoon Index Resource Page: Daryl has the monster list of every organization and resource a cartoonist could ever hope for!

Cartooning Periodicals and Webzines
Sequential Tart - Web Zine published by women about the comics industry. Interviews, articles, and news. Goal is to help raise awareness of women's influence in the comics industry and other realms.
Encouraging Rejection: Webzine by Mark Heath, author of Drawing Cartoons.
The Comics Journal: Comics news and criticism
Laugh Traxx: Monthly e-zine for cartoonists and gag writers

Cartooning Tools on the Web
Blambot - Free comic fonts for Macintosh and PC

Legal Resources and Information
Preston v. CA State Board of Equalization: PDF Document. California Supreme Court decision ruling in favor of Heather Preston regarding California State taxation of art on electronic media.

Kids' Cartoon Resources
Warner Brothers Animation 101: Step by step tour of the animation process. Lots of good pictures!
Draw and Color with Uncle Fred: Step by step lessons that will amuse and entertain
Emmett Scott's Art Studio: Online lessons that teach basic cartooning skills
How to Draw a Cartoon Character: Monthly animal cartoon character lessons
Links for Kids who Like Cartoons: Nice link page with links kids
will find interesting
Gilchrist Studios Lessons: Cartoon lessons by Guy Gilchrist of Nancy and Nightlights and Pillowfights Fame

Original Art for Sale
Mark Cohen - has an extensive collection of comic art for sale - just about any artist.
Barry, Lynda: She sells her art on eBay!
Henley, Marian: Sells her art directly; email her for info.
Hollander, Nicole: Own your favorite Sylvia strip or print.
Johnston, Lynn: Personalized strips and prints.

This page maintained by Julie Sigwart with lots of help from Janee DuVal. Kids links thanks to Judge Cohen.
Contents Copyright 1999-2002, Julie Sigwart.
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